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Rabbits and Rabbit Breeding

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Rabbit Breeding

Rabbits are animals from the hare family. This name unites several genera of mammals. The body of the rabbit is oval in shape, from 20 to 50 cm in length, a characteristic feature is long, more than 10 cm, ears and a short, fur-covered tail. Rabbits have large and powerful hind legs, pushing off with which, they can move in leaps, making long jumps. On the front paws of rabbits there are 5 clawed toes, the hind paws have 4 toes ending in claws. Weight indicators start from 400 grams. Large representatives can weigh more than 2 kg. Rabbits have a lifespan of approximately 10 years. These animals have soft and long fur that can be white, gray, brown, black and combinations of different shades of these colors.

The habitats of wild rabbits are meadows, forests and deserts. They also settle in wetlands. Rabbits are widespread on almost all continents. Found in southwestern Europe, southeast Asia, Africa, America. Colonists brought rabbits to Australia, and they began to multiply there so rapidly that the government was forced to take special measures to protect the forests and the fauna inhabiting them from the harm that wild rabbits could cause, devouring young shoots of trees and displacing some species of local animals. In the wild nature of Eurasia, hares of various breeds are mostly found. Rabbits are bred in industrial animal husbandry, in household plots and as domestic animals. There are various breeds of decorative rabbits.

Rabbit breeding

Rabbits are favorably distinguished from other farm animals by fertility, early maturity and wide possibilities of using the products obtained from them. An adult female may have up to 4-6 births during the year. There are 6-8 cubs in one okrol. Some productive females can bring 12-15 young rabbits in one round. Parameters depend on the breed and differ in flanders, giants, lop-eared rams and other meat breeds.

Rabbits are bred in order to obtain dietary meat and raw materials for light industry. In addition, rabbits are often used as a laboratory animal in medicine, veterinary medicine, and biology. There is a World Association for Scientific Rabbit Breeding with headquarters in Paris.

Rabbit products are partially obtained during the life of the animals. These are wool, fluff, manure, nest fluff. After the slaughter of the animal, the skin, meat and fluff are obtained. This raw material is used in the food, knitwear, fur-processing and felt industries. Depending on various factors, which include both the intensity of economic use and the influence of the external environment, as well as breed characteristics and hereditary inclinations, products with different qualitative and quantitative characteristics are obtained. In accordance with the tasks of the farm, breeding rabbits of various breeds are raised or bought in nurseries and they are bred in pits, cages or aviaries.

In addition, we have prepared detailed reviews on the topics: is it profitable to breed rabbits, the profitability of rabbit farming (including an example of monetary calculations), as well as an overview of rabbit farming as a business, including business plans. We can definitely say that there is money in this area of ​​agriculture, the main thing is to approach the matter competently and thoroughly. This site contains detailed materials covering absolutely all areas of breeding and keeping rabbits, both at home and on the farm. We’ve covered everything from where to start, how to succeed in this business, as well as technical issues, including rabbit cages, breed selection, feeding, breeding, treatment and care. This will help you become a competent professional and avoid all common beginner mistakes.

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All a Farmer Needs to Know About Sheep Breeding

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Sheep Breeding

Breeding sheep and rams is a good chance for a novice farmer to find their niche in the livestock business. These animals are hardy, have excellent health and are able to demonstrate high performance indicators even with poor feeding.

Moreover, this type of livestock is versatile. Breeding brightly allows you to get meat, wool and milk equally. In this article we will try to answer all your questions. How to start a business, how to feed and care for these amazing animals. Read More

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